Six Petals Diet iOS App

Six Petals Diet iOS App

Want to lose weight for 6 days and still tasty and healthy to eat?

Diet 6 petals developed by the Swedish nutritionist Anna Johansson and based on the principle of alternation monodiets, following strictly in a specific order: fish, vegetables, chicken, cereals, curd and fruit. 6 days of the diet are 6 courses monodiets and 6 petals on your flower.

In our application, you will find all that is necessary in order to comfortably and easily to adhere to all the rules of diet Six petals:

• Detailed description of the diet Six petals and its stages

• Calendar of diet in the form of a flower with six petals turns boring and difficult process in the game

• Tasty and healthy recipes for every day

• Keep your results and monitor changes of weight every day

Another, and perhaps the most enjoyable for all slimming diet principles Six petals — total lack of hunger.


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